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Rent an iPad Now Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I rent an iPad from your company?

Renting an iPad from us is very simple, within a few short minutes of phone conversation we will have your order set up and finalized.


Does Rent an iPad Now charge a security deposit?

No we do not charge any security deposits.


Do you have a local location in my city?

Rent an iPad Now is a nationwide Company that can service the entire Country within as little as one business day and in some cases the same day, we also partner with many other companies for advanced coverage and support.

Can you ship or deliver an iPad to home and business addresses?

Absolutely we can have your rental arrive anytime anywhere, home or businesses.


Does your company have the best rental rates for iPads?

We have very competitive rates and will beat any competitor’s price should they throw out a lower quote.


Does Rent an iPad Now have the latest and greatest in iPads technology for rent?

Our Company has just about every up to date configuration and brand currently available in the iPad market. We can accommodate almost any need possible.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do including American Express and all other major credit cards


Do you offer 24 hour tech support?

Yes we do and are able to assist in all situations with very fast response time.


Does your Company include all of the cables I need for set up?

Yes we do, please specify what connections are needed especially with hdmi and MAC adapters and we will make sure these items are included with your rental iPad.


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Toll Free: (866) 258.3366
Local: 407.488.640

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